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So as anyone who has ever played with me knows, I have never run a campaign of my very own before. I’m the stereotypical female of the group, asking annoying questions and asking the boys if they will pick up the heavy things because I don’t have points in STR. It has taken some time but I’ve come to realize there are certain games and campaigns I really enjoyed and would like to replicate.

So this campaign is book two in the series, “Brad Is A Bitch In…” because that kind of character building was the easiest to understand and also happens to be the only system I have books for.

The House Always Wins

House rules are as follows:
#1. I don’t expect you to be on time, but I do expect you to let me know when you are going to be late.
#2. The rules outlined in the book are the rules of the game. Don’t make me come over there and beat you.
#3. Pics or it didn’t happen. If disputes over the rules become to long or too contradictory, the yes or no die has final say. If you still have a problem, talk to me after the session.
#4. Have fun with this game. I like good company and it doesn’t matter if you defeat me by keep away the apocalypse or I defeat you with a rabbit with the long ears and sharp pointy teeth.
#5. Bringing food for me gets you some additional bonus for the game. Bringing food for the party gets you a bigger bonus. AKA this is me encouraging food.

Oh, Where is My Hair Brush?

I haven’t chosen a city where Brad might be bitch. It could be anywhere. My choices are Seattle, Paris, New York or Topeka. I’m willing to take nominations or preferences into account.

But when I do pick out a city, do a little research on the city if that makes you comfortable. I’m going to try and build my first map using whatever city as a whole as a guide, so bear with me. Just remember, “I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map…”


This particular page is to describe the goings about the last time Brad was a Bitch. There will be a log to describe what is has happened in whichever city that we play in. But this should be a good frame of reference, or at least a good story. Email me corrections or additions if you remember them!


Main Page

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